Sunday, January 13, 2013

Where to Start?

So this week was an epic fail.  Maybe not epic, but well, not so hot.  Aside from some pool time today, I didn't work out since Wednesday.  Why?  Because my stupid back was hurting.

I would love to have one freaking day where I feel healthy.  No issues.

Anyways, some of you know I have back issues.  I can't complain too much, because I haven't had a back freak-out in a loooong time.  For those unaware, I have: minor scoliosis, which also means my hips are slightly uneven; the curves of my spine are very extreme, which means there is less space for my discs; my neck, instead of having a curve to it is just about straight; I have an extra vertebrate in my lower back because they didn't fuse properly when I was growing up; and my coccyx is too long (or as Chris likes to call it, my prehensile tail).

Now, I'm not listing all this nonsense for you to feel sorry for me.  Not at all.  Because I'm still going to do what I'm going to do.  I go to the chiro every three weeks, and that tends to keep things in check.  It certainly helps.  But every once in a while, it goes wacky.

Plus, I was having this nagging, muscular pain in my upper back, on the left side.  (Almost all my back pain is on the left.  Interesting.)  Anyways, turns out I sprained a muscle up there.  I'm thinking it might be from the bodyweight dips.....gonna lay off of them for a bit.

So when my whole left side of my back feels crappy, I definitely don't feel like working out.  And when I don't feel like working out, I eat like shit.


Saturday evening, for dinner, I had a bunch of three cheese artisan bread and ice cream.  Not mixed together.  The bread first.  That wasn't enough.  I needed ice cream as well.  (No.  I know I didn't NEED it. But I did.  Understand?)  And this is just an example.  There were other, equally embarrassing meals.

So my fabulous Friday weigh-in?  Blown.  I was 187.0 Friday morning (from 199.1 on January 1).

My weekends always derail me, especially in winter.  In Spring/Summer it isn't so bad, because I'm outside doing stuff.  Now, it is cold, drizzly, dreary, and depressing.  I hate it.  So I hole up inside and crave things like three cheese artisan bread and ice cream.  Yes, I know ice cream is cold.  I eat it while sitting in front of a heater.  :)

Today I swam.  I was in the pool doing my little routine for 45 minutes.  I felt strong.

The hubbs and I went grocery shopping.

I'm good for the week.  The top shelf has a mixtures of sliced strawberries and diced kiwi.  I'll eat that with cottage cheese for breakfast.  (Yep.  I LOVE cottage cheese.  Call me crazy.)    Below are yogurts and fruit cups and lunches.  Grab 'n go.  I love prepping food on Sunday, and then being ready for the week.  Dinners are usually up to Chris, but this way, I don't have to think about what I'm eating before I leave for work.

 I also made some beef barley veggie soup in the crockpot.  All. By. Myself.  No. Recipe.  I'm so excited for dinner!

Goals this week: do not let rest days/off days derail my nutrition.  Just beacue my body needs a rest does not mean my eating well can take a rest.  (I do understand that perfection is impossible.  I just need to be in better control.)
Monday: Spin before work, Death Gym after
Tuesday: Walk/jog intervals on the treadmill before work
Wednesday: Swim before work/Steps after (maybe)
Thursday: Walk/jog intervals on the treadmill before work/Death Gym after
Friday: REST
Saturday: Bike/Death Gym

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