Saturday, March 7, 2015

Keg Over Bar

Let me back up a bit.  (Ha, I say that a lot, don't I?)  Things have been pretty crappy lately.  Work has sucked epically and I had been putting in a ton of overtime to get a project done.  That means that I've had less time to get to the gym.  Add the fact that LA Fitness is seriously pissing me off and that I had a crappy sinus infection a couple weeks ago, and well, I've been seriously doubting myself.

I needed some self care time, so I took off this past Thursday and Friday.  (Initially, I was only going to take Thursday off, but I enjoyed that so much that I took Friday off as well.  It was much needed, and after the little break, I feel much better about the ongoing project at work.)

But all this time away from the gym was really making me nervous.  I mean, I have a competition coming up on April 11, and I really want to try and place in the novice division.  I mean, if I don't, the world won't end or anything....this stuff is really a ton of fun....but placing is kind of my super secret goal.  (Well, not so super secret anymore, I guess.)

So I was rather apprehensive about strongman training this morning.  We were slated for sled drags, kegs over the bar, and carrying awkward objects.  That's pretty much the name of the game in the strongman world.....awkward everything.

I did pretty good with the sled drags....I definitely prefer pulling things as opposed to pushing.  We used a big ole rope, which left behind some big ole blisters on my hands, but oh well.  Shit happens.

What I'm most proud about this morning was the keg over the bar.  Previously, when I've tried lifting a keg over a bar, I couldn't get the 140# keg over.  Granted, we were using a 48-inch bar b/c people were training for Atlas stones, and in the competition I'm in I only need to get the kegs over a 44-inch bar, but still.  I'm going to have to get a 100# keg, then a 130# keg, and then a 150# keg over the bar, all from varying distances.  (I'll get more into that in a later blog.) I couldn't even get the 140# keg over!

Today, with the bar set at the proper height, I not only got a 140# keg over, but also the 165# keg over it!  OMG.....I was So! Freaking! Excited!

Ok, so uploading this video has been super frustrating, b/c it cuts out like half of it and makes it look waaaay easier than it was.  Trust me....I struggled a tad more than this video lets on.  Seriously.....this video is pissing me off!  On the bright side, I really feel like I don't look ginormous here.  :)