Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Beginning

Okay, it really isn't the beginning.  The true beginning was four years ago.  (Holy moly, have I really been a member at this for four years now?  That's pretty impressive.)

This is a new beginning.  Did you notice that little progress button up there next to the "home" and "about me" tabs?  It wasn't there yesterday, and now it is!  Amazing.

Anyways, time to own up to how far behind I've fallen.  Sure, I've still been half-heartedly working out.  But my eating has been through the fucking roof.  Seriously.  Disgusting.

I know I say I hate the scale, and weighing in pisses me off, and then I become obsessed, but I need some way of staying accountable.  So my little progress tab will show weekly weigh-ins, along with (probably monthly) progress pics.

I last weighed myself back in July.  I was a robust 185.  I haven't stepped on a scale since, because, well, I was terrified of what I would see.  My clothes have been getting tighter, I've been feeling huge, and just blech.  I was pretty certain I'd see at least 205, quite possibly 210.  I didn't think I'd be able to deal with seeing that stupid number.

New Year, new approach.

My mantra:  The scale is just a tool to help me chart my progress, not something that will make or break me.

Phew.  I know, I know, a mouthful.  But for those who have followed my previous blog on SparkPeople, you know how much that stupid little number affected me.  I needed to say something to myself to make it okay to weigh-in, but to not have that number completely ruin my day.

Anyways.  New Year.  199.1

Ugh.  Bad.  But not nearly as bad as I anticipated.  Since July, I've gained roughly 15 pounds.  Better than 20, right?  Plus, I'm in much better shape than the last time I was hovering around 200.  So it shouldn't be too hard to shake it up, buckle down, and get to business.  (Trying to be positive here, ok?)

So, you know my workout plan is in place.  Here's what I have in store for January:
Sure, it is a work in progress, and things are subject to change, but at least I have a plan for the whole month.  Well, this, and the 100 pushup challenge thing.  I'll just write them in on the days I do them. Plus, there is plenty of room to write in any other fun things I might do!  (On a side note, if you're interested in the 100 pushups in a row thing, the google play store has an awesome app.  Look for it!)

Eating-wise, for the month of January, is to track.  I'll use my SparkPeople app to track food, and make sure I get within my recommended calorie and fat/carb/protein ranges.  I'll be aiming for the high end of protein and the low end of carbs, just because I know that is what has worked for me in the past.  The simple act of tracking my food also helps make me more aware of what I'm eating.  If I'm committing the food, and all its nutritional glory, to paper, do I really want it to be something super crappy?  It also helps to curb the mindless eating.  Can't be mindless if you're writing it down.

Now, I understand we can't all be perfect, and I, obviously, am super far from perfect.  (Hello?  Gaining 15 lbs since July....hardly perfect.)  But I'm going to try my best for January.  At the end of the month, re-evaluate and plan for February.

Month-long, bite-sized portions.  That's how I'm approaching 2013.


  1. I'm with you, Jennifer. I have put on close to 15 pounds since my marathon in October. I am pissed at myself, but I also look at it as a chance to mold myself into an even stronger me then before. Not sure why, but I do. Weird, huh? Great post. You will kick ass like you normally do. Bobifer

    1. Bobifer....we have the same idea going on. I let myself fall, I moped, I whined. Oddly, I'm not mad. I think I'm past being mad. But I, too, look at it as a chance to become something better. Thank you!

  2. I'm thru with the dirty laundry of my epic fail for my 2012 goals..what happened once the reasons came out of the heat of the dryer? The fact it was my own excuses each time..I've missed our running conversations but the shorter more meaningful conversations we have been the upside (??). As was the celebratory birth of your blog! Onward to 2013!!-Kimberly