Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Funday

One very important thing was reinforced in my mind today.  Not every single workout needs to be a knock-out sweat fest to count.  I have such trouble remembering this, especially when I'm trying to track everything.

I generally wear my heart rate monitor (HRM) when I work out because those online calculators always lie for me.  Ellipticals say I burn almost twice as much as my HRM!  And if I'm trying to stay within a calorie range that is based off of the amount of calories I burn in a week, well, having seriously skewed numbers isn't going to help anything.

Anyways....back to today.

This morning the hubbs and I went to the gym for a little swim.  When we got there, all the lanes were full.....ugh!  So we chilled soaked in the hot tub until a lane was free, and we shared that one.  I have a little routine I do in the pool, and then end it with some laps.  I can definitely tell I'm getting better at the whole swimming thing.  Still not terribly good, but I'm working on increasing what little endurance I have swimming-wise.

Later in the afternoon, I met Kimberly for an exploratory ride along one of the bike paths.  We started out a Penn Pump park, and headed towards Tatamy.  For some reason, on Map My Ride, the maps show that you can go straight from Penn Pump all the way to the path at Plainfield.  I need to revisit that map, because the bike path clearly ended in Tatamy.  Maybe we'll have to venture on some roads?  I don't know, but I'll be looking into it!

We then turned around, and headed in the other direction.  The "powers that be"  (whoever is in charge of the whole bike path/rails to trails thing) have been adding onto the paths, slowly connecting them.  So we rode back to Penn Pump, and carried on past Bushkill Park and saw how everything connected to Hackett's Park.  Once we got there, the path was entirely snow-covered, so we decided to stroll and explore.

See....there is no way I was riding my bike over this gotta remember, I still kinda suck at riding bike.

 See the trees in the background?  We don't let anything stop us!  Also, if you look to the right of Kimberly, behind the trees, you'll see a multi-colored building.  That's one of the Crayloa buildings.  

We eventually got to a fence, and it was pretty icy around it (plus it said private property), but once everything melts in the spring, Kimberly and I have already decided we're going to explore back in that area as well.  We've seen runners back there, and we want to know where it goes!

Back to my earlier point.  (I know, I know, I ramble.  But you needed that background info.)  Kimberly and I were out there for about an hour and a half.  We were biking at a leisurely pace.  The walking was more of a meander, only because we didn't want to fall on the snowy/icy mess.  I kept thinking, maybe you should bike harder....get the blood pumping.  I kept telling myself I wasn't going to burn enough calories, and then what's the point?

The point is this.  We were out there for an hour and half.  And had a blast.  My HRM may have said I only burned 399 calories in roughly 90 minutes (I burn more than that in 45 minutes of spin), but we were out there, we were active, and I'm not going to burn out exercise-wise b/c today was officially an easy day.  A fun easy day.  And tomorrow, I'll be able to spin, and not worry about being sore from today.

I went home, and prepped my breakfasts and lunches for the week.  Breakfast will be steel cut oats with a tablespoon of peanut butter and half a banana mixed in.  Lunch, a tasty soup I decided to try making.

I didn't have quite enough butternut squash, and I had an overabundance of kale, but it turned out pretty tasty.  I also used boneless skinless chicken breasts, and threw in a packet of Goya Sazon, because the broth was a tad bland for me.  (I lie here.  I say this like I did it all.  Chris handled the chicken.  And I bought already cut/cleaned squash and kale.  Made things MUCH easier.)  

Oh, and it made a VAT of soup, so I'll be eating this stuff for a while.  Not that I'm complaining.  :)

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