Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Boastful or Motivational?

That is a picture of my "bling board."  It used to hang on the wall right next to my desk at work when I was in the courthouse.  Looking at it made me happy.  Plus, when attorneys or the public needed to sit at my desk, it gave us something to talk about while I was entering info in the computer.  So it served a purpose.  (Other than the self-serving purpose of making me happy.)

When I left that job for my short stint at the prison, the dismantled bling board stayed at home.  Trust me, when you work at a prison, you want NOTHING personal hanging around.  The less they know about you, the better.

The medals are now scattered in random places throughout the house, my Tough Mudder headbands are in my car, the pics and other fun things are probably in the same bag I put them in to bring them home from work.

Now, my dilemma is this: do I resurrect the bling board, or just hang up a plain old bulletin board?

There is a ton of blankness on the walls in my space at Gracedale.  I brought in just the bulletin board and need to hang it.  But I don't know what to put on it.

I was talking to one of my new co-workers, and telling her how I like to run, and lost a bunch of weight, and like to do crazy things and call them fun.  I told her how at my other job, I had my bling board and that it not only made me happy, but served a dual purpose.  I then told her I wasn't sure about hanging my bling board, with my medals, at my current job because it would appear boastful.

She looked at me like I was crazy and said she didn't think it would be boastful at all.  She thinks it is motivational.



What do you all think?  I don't want to look like an asshole at my new job by hanging a bulletin board and putting my medals all over it.  I don't really have many people from the public at my desk, so the only purpose it would serve is to make me happy.

Does that make me boastful?  Or just someone who enjoys looking at what she's done?  I have to admit, I am proud of that stuff.  But would hanging that stuff at work make me an ass?

Opinions please!

(Ha.  Like how I almost force you to reply to this one?)


  1. I have my shit hanging in my office. I spend so much time there that it just makes sense. You're not bragging. It is something you did. You should be proud and it's not like you're wearing them around your neck. I say hang it up! Bobifer

  2. You DESERVE to boast a little! Even if it's just to boast to yourself a little bit!!! Hang the BLING board! ~MaryAnn

  3. I would hang it if I were you. Your work area is where you spend such a huge portion of your life and you should enjoy what you're looking at. I even decorated Mike's office at work with pictures I like for the once a month I'm in there.

    You have done a lot and should be proud. If anyone else sees it and is motivated by it, then that is just an added bonus!

  4. I personally don't think it's boastful, but even if others do, I definitely think it is more motivational than anything else! Hang it up!

  5. Throw in some fun photos of people (including YOU!) at those same events you won medals at, and it's a fun, motivational collage! Great conversational piece of self-expression to help your new coworkers get to know you. Not so different than photos people put of their family (including themselves) on their desks or walls in their work space. Be proud of all you've done, crazy, muddy, axe-wielding and otherwise! I think of boastful more with on-going actions, e.g.: bragging all the time, finding a way to to talk about your accomplishments in every conversation, etc. - you're not like that at all. -Christina

  6. I think it's motivational and as many have stated-- you spend much of your time at work-- you should make it your space. Go YOU! for having so much to be proud of :)

  7. Hanging your bling isn't any different than hanging pictures of kids, grandkids or pets. Most of us spend more of our waking hours in that little space at work than we do at home, why not surround ourselves with those things that make us happy. That being said, I'd probably not bring in the whole thing at first, just a few of the really meaningful items and leave room for pictures or registration forms for future adventures as motivation and conversation pieces.

  8. I think you should do it! It makes you happy and you never know where the conversation will go. You might inspire someone else to start running, or doing something else that is fun all because they saw all the fun you were having. I too agree that maybe you should bring in a little at a time, these events do help describe you, but not define you. Leave room for new memories, you never know who you will be making them with this time.

  9. I think you should put it up it shows the kinda of person you've become diversified and willing to take on different challenges. It's not boastful and may start some interesting conversation amongst the people in the office.