Sunday, May 12, 2013

So I Entered a Contest...

Just a quick little ditty.  I know, I know....I owe you all a real, meaty update.  But right at this moment, just a quickie.

A while ago, a friend of mine who works for Mary Kay gave me an awesome makeover. rocked.  Well, I thought the makeover was just for fun....I didn't realize that I could enter the One Woman Can contest with it.

Well, I did.  We had to choose a charity that would benefit women and children.  I chose Girls on the Run.  They are a seriously awesome program that helps girls in 3rd - 5th grade foster a sense of self-worth, respect for others, and a sense of accomplishment through activity-based programming.

Seriously.  How awesome is that?

I've been a Running Buddy for Girls on the Run a couple of times, and I've witnessed first hand how huge running, jogging, walking, and skipping through a 5k is for these girls.  They have such nerves before they start.  They wonder if they can do it.  Can they finish?  3.1 miles is sooooo long.

My job is to encourage them.  Share with them my accomplishments.  Tell them they can.  I run, jog, walk, skip....whatever the girls want to do to finish.  We talk almost the whole time.  Sometimes, they tell me about their families.  Sometimes, their friends.  I gain so much during the 3.1 miles I spend with the girl I'm paired up with. I entered a contest.  And would LOVE it if you would vote for me (up to five times a day), so I can have a chance at winning a donation of $5,000 for Girls on the Run.

Vote for me here!


  1. How wonderful of a story, Jen!

    Remind us to vote via FB, EVERY day!!

    SP Lynn

  2. Spread it all over my Facbook page, voted 5 times today, and wouldn't mind that earlier mentioned daily reminder from the other "anonymous" author SP Lynn....SP's ROCK! Good luck, Jennie!

    SP Marvee