Monday, December 10, 2012

Push. Push-Up.

Lol, I'm really bad at blogging as the week goes on.  Gotta work on that.

Anyways, today was the first time I went to spin class in AGES.  Seriously.  Ages.  Probably since before I was hobbled.  Heck, probably since before I started my old new job at the prison.

I took it easy.  I know that jacking up the tension, especially on climbs, can put a lot of pressure on the knees.  You know, something I would want to avoid.  (See, I'm getting good at this being smart stuff!)  So I would up the tension, just not a ton.  But I did well on the sprints, the attacks, and pretty much everything else.  And didn't have knee issues.

Oh, and guess what the spin instructor likes to end every class with?  Push-ups!  Fits in perfectly with the push-up challenge and the fact that I'm now up to 100 a day.  (Although starting last week, I did reserve the right to take a rest day if needed.  And trust me.  Last Friday it was needed.)

I ended up doing 11 pushups at the end of class.  She had us do 10, but I did an extra one before she started counting.

So carry on through work (my notary stuff came in!) and all that good stuff, and on to Death Gym.

I started out with sledgehammer swings and heavy rope wave madness.  And progressed to overhead presses with the slosh bar (30lb) and overhead ball slams (18lb).  And then body-weight dips and turkish sit-ups (25lb).  And alternating kettlebell swings for a billion reps (25lb).  I'm not as bad ass as all you doing those Turkish get-ups, but the sit-ups were lovely enough.  At that point, my shoulders are screaming.  I'm thinking in my head how I'm going to get home, go on Facebook, and paste on the You Know Who Reads Our Blog?  Your Mom. page that I fully invoke my right to not do 100 pushups on Death Gym days.

I knew my half hour was almost up, so in a completely smart ass voice, I ask trainer Frank, "Anything else?"

He responds with, "20 push-ups.  That way you'll be up to 31 for the day, and won't give up on doing 100."

Asshole.  How did he know I was going to do that?

I got the 20 in at Death Gym, then came home and carried on until I got all 100 pushups in.

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  1. Haha. Nice workout. Good post. Bobifer