Monday, December 3, 2012

Death Gym!

So, I'm making a change on here, and I'm going to get rid of the workout page.  Not because I don't want to list them, but because it is going to get long, unwieldy, and will generally piss me off.  Plus, I'm awful at updating it.  Instead, I'm just going to post my Death Gym workouts (what I remember of them) in the actual body of my blog.

Today was a fantabulous day at Death Gym.  I skipped the normal gym and intervals this morning, only  because my knee was really sore after this past weekend.  And I knew I wanted to give my all at Death Gym.  Here's what I did in my 30 minutes today:

16 core rows w/ 15lb dumbbells (8 each side, alternating)
4 full body weight dips
Repeat 3x

Overhead triceps slams into wall w/ 18lb medicine ball
Bent rows w/ 35lb heavy bag
Repeat 3x

15 overhead triceps extension w/ 30lb dumbbells
12 (each side) sledgehammer swings onto a tire
Repeat 3x

12 sled rows while squatting w/ 70lb on sled
12 overhead ball slams w/ 18lb medicine ball
Repeat 4x

30 seconds alternating rope swings (longest 30 seconds ever)
16 death pushups (Do a push-up.  Once you come back up, lift the right hand up like you're doing a core row, but be careful to not rotate your hips.  Put hand back on ground.  Repeat....8 each side)  The first set I actually managed a total of 20 pushups (10 each side), but I decided I wasn't getting low enough so I switched to 8 each side.
Repeat 3x


Actually, I didn't die.  Because I had to do 23 more pushups to reach my total of 75 for the day.  I did nice, normal ones at home. (Yeah, I joined a stupid pushup challenge.  Last week I did 50 a day.  This week will be 75.  Next week 100.  And so on, until the end of the year.)

And I'm fully aware the proper spelling for pushup is push-up.....I'm just too lazy to put that stupid hyphen in there each time I type.

What's on the slate for tomorrow?  Walk/jog intervals at the normal gym in the morning.  Annnnd.....the return of Death Steps after work!  Yay!  I fully intend on pretty much walking the steps, but I gotta start somewhere.  I'm not sure what I'll throw in between the steps....definitely push-ups, and maybe core rotations.

When I told my trainer I'd be doing steps tomorrow, his response was, "In moderation, right?"  Hmmmm....I must have a reputation for pushing myself or something! feels flipping GREAT to be back in the game.

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  1. Awe, I will miss steps with you:( I have off Wed and Friday next week if you want to do them again. I don't mind if you walk them, doing them alone is just so BORING!! Your DG workout sounds horrible. Maybe I will look into cross just seem like you are hard core like fGayle. Have a great day, good luck with Steps!