Sunday, December 23, 2012

Month of Mayhem

Do you remember waaaay back to the end of November?  When I posted about the hubbs and I having a friendly little competition I was dubbing Month of Mayhem?  No?  You don't!?  How dare you not remember every little thing about me!

Hehehe....I don't really mean that!  ;)

Anyways, we decided to keep track of our workouts for a month, from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve.  (Actually, the calendar I made only went until today.  But we're both planning on going to the gym tomorrow, so we'll probably count those minutes too.  Unless we decide not to.)

Here is my calendar.

Now, I have to say....after looking back on my calendar, I'm moderately impressed.  I tend to have people come up to me or send messages to me stating something like, "I wish I could do as much as you," or, "I wish I could be as active as you."  I usually brush the comment aside with something like, "Oh, I don't really do that much.  I think it just sounds like I do more than I really do."


Looking back at the calendar, I gotta say that on most days of the week I'm doing something.  It may not be super intense, or last for hours upon hours, but I'm doing something.  Most least 30 minutes of something.  That's kinda impressive.  

I think part of the problem is that I hang out with crazies.  Yeah.  Serious crazies.  So what I do looks like a stroll around the block compared to what they do.  And then I start to think I'm not doing enough because (it seems like) everyone else is working a bajillion times harder than me.

I gotta own up and claim my own workouts.  They may not be terribly impressive, but when you slap them all on a calendar, well, damn.  It looks pretty good to me.

Total exercise minutes for the month: 1,555. (Unless we count tomorrow.)

Plus all those damn pushups.  I gotta be honest though.  I crapped out on them.  This week I got in 125 two days.  But then again, this week, I was in a total funk.  Tired all the freaking time.  Achy.  Sore.  And I got adjusted at the chiro on Friday, which made Friday and Saturday pretty cruddy.  But I feel more aligned than I have in a while, so I'll take it.

So.....tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  I'll be spending the afternoon/evening at my parent's house with the fam.  The food will be bad (picky type food, pizza, sweets....pretty casual).  The company better.  Following is Christmas Day.  We'll visit Chris' fam in the morning, and then Chris and I plan on going to the movies and out for Chinese for dinner.  Neither of our fams really do anything Christmas Day, so we decided we're finally going to start our own tradition.  Plus, we haven't been out for Chinese during the whole Month of Mayhem.

I'm not going to beat myself up over food choices.  'Tis the Season.  I'll use the days between Christmas and New Year's as "go with the flow" kinda days.  Come the New Year, I plan on upping the intesnity of my workouts, but also being more diligent on planning out rest days.  From looking at the calendar, I notice I started out strong, and then slowed down a lot towards the end.  Maybe if I planned better rest-wise in the beginning, I wouldn't have felt so sore and achy and needed all those rest days at the end?

Live and learn.  It is all about finding balance, right?

Merry Christmas all!

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