Monday, October 29, 2012

Some Questions For Y'all

So, I really need to do a little spiffin' up on my page.  I know I have that "home" button there, and I did a little "about me" section, but what else would you all like to see?  That navigation bar is looking awfully plain!

I was thinking about maybe linking up a page and listing my Death Gym workouts?  Would people be interested in that?  What about maybe my training plans when I finally get back to running?  Actually, that would probably be a really good will help keep me accountable.

But I don't want to make pages that will bore all of you.  And I don't want to make pages that come across as sounding braggy either.  And I can't post a page with a training plan until I start running.....and training.

So that leaves me with (possibly, if you're interested) Death Gym workouts.

Anything else?

*And just to note....I had most of this typed up before the whole power outage thing, so don't expect much else from me until I'm back on the grid.  Posting from my phone is kinda a pain.*


  1. I enjoy just reading about your journey so post whatever you like. If you want to post an interesting Death Gym workout great. A particularly amusing anecdote about a run with a an amusing member of the BCR ;-) that's fine too. (Gary)

  2. My opinion is that you copy some of your older SP posts over here so that you can share other parts of your journey. I think that you can change the date of posts on here, that way you can put the date of your SP blog. Just a suggestion. You wrote some really cool ones that I think would inspire others.
    Whatever you do will be great I'm sure.

  3. I would love to see what your Death Gym Workouts are all about. I am always looking for things to try.