Saturday, October 27, 2012


No...I'm not going to write about something deep like how life is one ginormous maze with twists and turns and different paths and that the direction you take is up to you.  (Although, that is a pretty good idea.  I may have to bookmark this!)  This blog is much simpler than that.  I'm going to write about a trip a bunch of us took to a local corn maze.

I had been looking forward to Mazezilla for a long time.  I had wanted to do it last year, but life got in the way.  This year, however, I had won four tickets to the place.  And admission is like $11 per I wasn't about to let $44 worth of found money go to waste.  (Yep, with me, its all about money.  Why do you think I use my gym membership?  B/c if I didn't, I'd be out that money.  Well, that, and the fact that I actually like to work out.)

The hubbs and I and some friends headed out to the corn maze, but before we even get there, our friend ends up getting lost! were we going to make it out of the corn maze if we couldn't even get to the place!  (In all fairness, the directions on the Mazezilla website suck, and try to take you someplace 40 mins away, when in reality, the corn maze is more like 20 min away.)

So we waited.  (Yes, I am completely aware this is a crappy picture.  But seriously, what do you expect in the middle of a dark field with a cell phone camera?)

While we waited, we wandered around the pumpkin/weird-looking gourd area.  We found a couple gems.  I though this one looked like a slug.  I probably should have brought it could have been my mascot!

And I was truly enamored with the apple gourds.  I have a thing for apples.  But when they're ginormous and look like gourds, they're even better.  (Photo has been blurred to protect the innocent.  Not because of user error with the camera.  That's my story.)

Seriously, cool are these?

Anyways.  The rest of our group finally made it to Mazezilla in one piece!  We took a bumpity ride down to the actual maze, paid our money, got our hands stamped, were given little cards with a list of different things we were to find, and off we went.


At first, we were super frustrated.  Or, at least, I was.  There was no direction.  No hints about where to go.  No signs that said, "Hey loser, you suck.  You went the wrong way."  We wandered around aimlessly until we came across a sign with a picture of a barn on it.  There were hole punchers attached to it, which we then used to punch out the barn on our cards.

And then we wandered.  Some more.  And more.

(I don't really know what I expected, since I had never done a corn maze before, but for some reason I thought it would be more involved.  Anyone else ever go to a corn maze?  If so, how was it organized?)

Eventually, we got smart.  We wandered back to the beginning of the maze, took a pic of the map they had posted, and used that to orient ourselves.  After that, things went pretty smoothly, and we found all the objects and were out of the maze in no time!

Once we finished, we hung out a little bit, and I started to have Mudder flashbacks!
Yep, they had a maze made out of stacked bales of hay!  Throw in some mud and water, and we could have run a mini-mudder!

While the kiddos were having fun in the hay maze and jumping in pits full of dried corn, the hubbs decided to chill with my headlamp.  Maybe we'll make a runner out of him yet!

We took the bumpity ride back up to the pumpkin/gourd/parking area, where I got some tasty apple cider and this:

Yum!  I haven't eaten it yet, but I'm sooooo looking forward to it!


  1. Sounds like a blast.

  2. Sounds like fun. To answer your question, corn mazes are meant to confuse you. They actually find some people years later. Glad you hugs made it. Bobifer.