Sunday, October 28, 2012

Food Overload, Hobbling Pain, & a Poll

Today, I ate my caramel apple.  And a shit ton of Chinese food.  Not necessarily in that order.

See, weekends tend to suck for me.  All during the week, I eat my breakfasts, pack my healthy lunches, have fruit for snacks, and come home to my healthy dinner.

Weekends, it all falls apart.  I don't know if it is because I'm not following a pre-determined time schedule, or if it is because weekends are when I used to get in my decent blocks of working out, or if it is just because I'm generally more relaxed.

But.....I gotta realize I haven't been working out like I have before my hobbling.  I'm still working out, just not as intensely, and not for nearly as long periods of time.  Which means I can't be eating like crazy on the weekends....I gotta reign it in.

Speaking of my hobbling, today sucked.  I'm sitting here, icing my knee, hoping it goes numb.  Seriously....I don't want to feel it.  I went to a party yesterday and was on my feet almost the entire evening.  (Stupid, I know.)

I'm paying for it today.  Especially with attempting to get ready for the hurricane Sandy nonsense.  Did you know that Giant is completely out of water?  Yep.  At Sam's Club we had to get a case of those little mini-bottles of water....I think they're like 8 oz each.  Ha.....that's like a shot glass to me!

So the sore knee, shopping, cleaning up the remnants of the party this morning (which means lifting ginormous coolers half-full of ice....I'll be damned if I look weak), picking up all the randomness in our backyard so it doesn't get swept away, laundry, and then prepping food for the knee was screaming!

So obviously, my plans of gymming it today didn't pan out, and I'm seriously doubting I'll be going tomorrow morning, considering how sore I am.  Which means I definitely cannot make a habit out of things like caramel apples and shit tons of Chinese food.

The good thing?  I made a double batch of baked oatmeal for Chris and I to eat throughout the week.  That stuff is my newest obsession!  It isn't super thick like oatmeal bars, but it isn't all goopy like normal oatmeal.  (Blech....the only oatmeal I can eat in conventional oatmeal form is steel cut oats, everything else looks like zombie brains.)  And just a heads might need a log-in if you want to check out the link for the baked oatmeal.  If you can't access it, let me know and I'll give you the recipe.

Now, completely off's something I found interesting and wanted to share:

Yesterday's Women's Health daily poll asked the following question (not in these exact words b/c I don't remember it entirely):

Which sporting event would you most like to participate in?

My immediate answer, before seeing any of the ones I would be forced to choose from was this:  The Crossfit Games.  (Ha....are you surprised?)

These were my choices:
Boston Marathon
Summer Olympics
World Cup
Kentucky Derby
(One or two others that apparently weren't worth me remembering.)
This doesn't apply to me

I ended up choosing "this doesn't apply to me."  I was sad inside that I couldn't even write-in the Crossfit Games.

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  1. I totally get what you mean about eating whatever. I have been on a destructive eating path myself. I know I need to eat better, I just don't care right now.
    Here's hoping that we both get our priorities in order and get back on track.

    If I saw that poll, I would not be able to choose any of those things either. You'll just have to make up your own poll!