Monday, April 1, 2013

I Just Can't Win

So, the random hand pain I mentioned before.  Yeah.  It is getting worse.  Pretty much a constant ache in my elbow/wrist, with shooting pains in my hand/fingers depending on what I do.  Typing at work sucks.  Sleeping sucks, because I have to try and keep my arm straight, or it hurts.

Now, I know I said I have no issues while actually lifting, but it seems as though lifting may be a contributing factor.  Seriously.  Shoot me now.

I completely stopped step class (my first cardio love) because of my knees.  I cut back on running because of my knee.  Now, I have to calm it with lifting because of my hand/wrist/elbow issue.  Plus, if it is ulnar nerve related (which it definitely seems to be), apparently riding bike aggravates that as well.

Like I said before.  Shoot me.

Ok.  Not really.  Death is not an appropriate action.

But honestly.  This is frustrating.

I spoke with my chiro today, and he advised I make an appt with my ortho.  That way, I can get x-rays and whatever else done, and we can all (hopefully) work together for an outcome.  Tomorrow will be two weeks that this nonsense has been going on.  A perfectly acceptable time frame for contacting a doc.

I'm going for a run tomorrow.  Maybe outside.  I need to clear out the head.

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