Wednesday, August 21, 2013

C25k Stuff

I know, I know.  I've held three C25k classes so far, and have yet to give you an update.  Shame on me!  (Seriously though, things have been BUSY!  Death gym/bike rides on Mondays and Wednesdays, C25k on Tuesdays and Thursdays, throw in some softball, and sheesh.  Its hard enough finding time for the boring stuff like laundry/dishes/food, let alone blogging!)

So last Tuesday was the first class.  I woke up and it was pouring.  Seriously.  Crazy rain everywhere.  I got to work and had a couple emails asking if the class was still on.  I basically told everyone that unless there was thunder or lightning or torrential downpour, that we'd be running.  (Yep.  I'm a bitch like that.)  Running in the rain is refreshing and kind of fun, and part of being a runner.  Luckily, by noontime, the skies cleared up and the weather was perfect.

Until I got to Riverview park, and roadblocks were set up.  I had completely forgotten that the road by Riverview floods in tons of rain and they close the road.  The park is still accessible if you drive around the roadblock, but I had no clue if anyone else knew that.  I started having a minor heart attack.......

Until I saw a bunch of cars pull into the lot!  We had 14 runners for the first session, and I was so happy I recruited Bob and Gayle to help out!  There was such a wide range of abilities....people who are in shape and have run before to people who haven't exercised in ages.

I hung with the slower group, and Bob and Gayle went with the speedier peeps.  And things went well.

I'm tweaking things as we go.  I have a group that wants to stretch after the warm-up walk, and a group who doesn't.  We've had some issues with timing and remembering when to turn around.  But I'm trying to communicate with everyone, and let them know that I'm open to any suggestions.  I send them emails with little pointers/tips/reminders, just to keep them engaged.

I think my biggest fear is that I'll be unable to keep it interesting.  But, I also have to remember that they're shooting for a goal here....finishing that 5k.  That, along with the fact that they're doing this with friends, will provide tons of motivation.  (I hope.)

I have some other completely fanatbulous news.  I wasn't sure if I should share this or not.  Initially, I was going to post it on Facebook.  But, well, a couple of people I'm friends with on Facebook also work where I work.  So I didn't know if I should post my news in such an open place.  (Yes, I realize this blog is just as open.  But to get here, you either follow my blog, or you had to care enough about me....or be nosy enough about click on the link I shared and read all this.)

Anyways.  After discussing it with a couple people, who I do not work with, we kind of decided that blogging about it would be mildly safer.  I felt like the news should be out there, but maybe not "on Facebook" out there.

Ha.  I bet you think I'm pregnant!  Fat chance.

Here's my news: I had a Wellness Committee meeting today and was telling everyone how things have been going with the C25k Program. And the head of the committee said that they did a secret vote, and decided that I should get paid for running the class. (The other fitness instructors get paid, but when I pitched the idea to them I didn't want to get paid b/c I'm not certified as a coach or anything. I'm just me.)

That's my huge news.  And holy crap. Getting paid for doing something fitness related! A huge goal of mine realized, while helping others reach their goals!

People need to realize that they can reach their goals, or some variation of them.  I played around with the idea of being a personal trainer or exercise instructor (step would have been awesome before my knees got fucked up), but well, something always held me back.  Partially the money for certification.  Partially because I look nothing like your average trainer/fitness instructor.  Who the hell would want to take a class led by me?

But joining the Wellness Committee practically fell into my lap.  And the idea of running a C25k program just seemed like fun.  And now, I'll get paid to do it.  I have no clue how much I should ask to be paid, but I have some time to figure that one out.

The bottom line is.....I'm so flipping excited!

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