Saturday, February 2, 2013

Broken Promises

Well, they say promises are meant to be broken.  And I definitely broke two big ones today.

I blame the hyena.

First, a little background.  Many moons ago (okay, back in November) I promised my physical therapist that I would not run outside until Spring.  She said the uneven ground, debris on the path, etc. is just not good for my knee.  She said sticking to the treadmill throughout the winter would help strengthen it....get it used to running.  Plus, the cushion of a treadmill would help keep extra pressure off of the knee while I was working on building up my running.

So....this morning was the weekly meet-up with the Breakfast Club Runners.  I had fully intended to bike this morning.  (I've been itching to take out the has been far too long.)  Until I saw that they wanted the temp to be around 14.  That is too freaking cold for biking.

The hubbs and I changed gears, and we decided we'd walk and bring along the hyena.  But I know the hyena, at least when I'm around, doesn't simply walk.  He gallops.  And it has been a while since he's been able to gallop.

I, as a responsible mother to him, couldn't deny him that pleasure now, could I?

I laced up my running shoes (their virgin journey outdoors), put on my lined running tights, a pair of sweatpants, an underarmour-type base layer and a hoodie over that.  I waited for the group to take off, and the hyena and I followed.

We mostly ran.  There was stopping for sniffing, marking and dumping.  But mostly, there was running.  I have no clue how far we went, but it was somewhere in the 3+ mile range.  The knee felt pretty good.  A little sore to start but once I finally warmed up (takes much longer outdoors than it does inside on the treadmill), I really started to feel comfortable.  And the hyena loved it.  Plus, now he's calm and not being a pain in the ass.

So obviously, the promise to my PT has been broken.  And by running today, I broke a semi- (unspoken) promise to myself: that I would not run two days in a row.  I know from past experience that my body really doesn't like me to run multiple days in a row.  I kind of decided that for now, while I'm working on coming back, I would definitely not run two days in a row.

I blame the hyena.

In other news, I also went to Death Gym today.  (Oh, by the way, they have a deal on Living Social.  Check it out.)  Yes, I know I'm a bad ass.  Run with the hyena, scarf down some breakfast with the running group, and then go lift.  I warned Trainer Frank that I had literally just eaten, so we'd be lifting instead of interval-type stuff.  (Although having one of the minions that works there clean up puke would have been kind of funny.  Mainly because I'm not the minion.)

I started off with kettlebell swings, did some push-up/core row combos, some more back work, and then moved on to the bench.  We started out with the bar and 10# on each side (65# total) for 8 reps.  Added another 20# for 6 reps.  Took those plates off and put a 25# plate on each end.  95 freaking pounds....for 6 reps.  I was jacked!  Afterwards, Chris pointed out that 95# is a smidge more than half my body weight (188#).  I think that is pretty freaking impressive.  I think I'm well on my way to lifting like a man.

After my beast of a lifting session, I had a nice conversation with Frank about goals, food, etc.  I'll blog about that tomorrow.  Which, by the way, is going to be a much needed rest day.  These muscles need a break so they can  G R O W.

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