Monday, November 5, 2012

And the Saga Continues

No more running.  For now at least.


I tried the dreadmill before work this morning.  Five minute walk, jog for a minute and a half, walk for two and half minutes, repeat five or six times.  By the end, I was hurting.  Not death pain or anything like that, but yeah.  I then rode the bike for ten minutes, just to loosen things up a bit.  That kinda helped, but not enough.

I went to PT after work, explained to them last Thursday's fiasco, and my normal two PT's were so apologetic.  I told them it wasn't their fault, but they were so nice about it.  At least I got that going for me.

They did the little ultrasound thingy on my knee, I did some leg presses, some hamstring curls (they had me turn my foot in, which really helped with the issue in the back of my knee for this exercise), I did some assisted gait stuff, and then they wanted me to do step ups.  I started, and although they felt not so hot, I knew I'd be able to do them.....until they asked me how I felt.  I told them it hurt, but it wasn't death pain or anything like that. 

See....this is my problem.  I'm so used to pushing myself.  If I'm running and feeling an issue, I carry on, assess the issue, decide if it is something that will work itself out or if it is something that needs to be addressed immediately.  When I'm lifting, well, a certain amount of struggle and pushing is necessary.  So, if I'm doing step-ups, and feel a little "something," I tend to carry on.  Because it isn't debilitating. 

I really gotta get that out of my head.  Especially because I've had this set back.  The PT told me to stop, and that I was done for the day.  She didn't want me aggravating things worse than they were.  I can definitely understand that, and I gotta that I'm home, I'm glad she made me stop.  Because I'm kinda hurting!  So I continue icing up.

I can ride the bike tomorrow, but no running.  Seriously.  NO RUNNING.  They must have repeated that like ten times.  Oh boy....guess they really know me, don't they?

Enough about that. 

Yesterday, I volunteered for the D&L Heritage Marathon/Half Marathon.  Of course, there was press there, including WFMZ, our local news station.  The camera guy got all kinds of shots, and then he set up the camera behind me.  I tried to be nice and told him I would get out of his way.  He told me he wanted to get my sound.  Lol, guess I have a big mouth!  Here's the video, and I'm right around 28 seconds....wearing the huge read volunteer shirt with the big blue hood on my head, cheering on the runners. 

What else.....

Today, my hubs made some super tasty chicken.  (Yes, I'm very lucky.  My hubs is a completely AWESOME cook.  Be jealous.)  He tried out some new bread crumbs.

(Holy moly, that picture is huge.....I hope it shrinks down once the blog is posted.)

He thought he would have to trick them up a bit, that they wouldn't be spicy enough.  But wow....we were impressed.  VERY tasty. 

So let me recap for you.  Workout....check.  Eating well....check.  A television appearance....check.

Aside from the ongoing knee issues, today was quite a fabulous day!

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